Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet

Climate of Hope How Cities Businesses and Citizens Can Save the Planet In the documentary An Inconvenient Truth set off a heated political debate when it threatened that inaction on climate change would lead to a dark and frightening future by Well that ten y

  • Title: Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet
  • Author: Michael R. Bloomberg Carl Pope
  • ISBN: 9781250142078
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 2006, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth set off a heated political debate when it threatened that inaction on climate change would lead to a dark and frightening future by 2016.Well, that ten year window has closed and we have neither resolved the threats to our climate, nor gone past the point of no return To Mayor Bloomberg and Carl Pope, it s clear that to treatIn 2006, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth set off a heated political debate when it threatened that inaction on climate change would lead to a dark and frightening future by 2016.Well, that ten year window has closed and we have neither resolved the threats to our climate, nor gone past the point of no return To Mayor Bloomberg and Carl Pope, it s clear that to treat climate change as either a lost cause or a non issue is the wrong approach Global leaders are stymied by the enormity of the doom and gloom scenarios So what happens when you tell leaders that they can definitely right now, this year reduce the number of children who have asthma attacks, save thousands of Americans from dying of respiratory disease, cut energy bills, increase the security of our energy supply, make it easier for everyone to get around town, increase the number of jobs in their community all while increasing the long term stability of the global climate That is actionable That future is within our grasp.The changing climate should be seen as a series of discreet, manageable problems that should be attacked from all angles, each with a solution that can make our society healthier and our economy stronger In these times, when it s less and less clear if the federal government will be willing to tackle climate change, Bloomberg and Pope lay out a powerfully persuasive argument about how cities can play an outsize role in fighting and reversing the dangerous effects of a warming planet Together they lay out the economic and personal health reasons for businesses and individual citizens to support climate change action plans.

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    1. Michael R. Bloomberg Carl Pope

      MICHAEL BLOOMBERG is the founder of Bloomberg LP, a Philanthropist, the UN Secretary General s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, and three term mayor of New York City His charitable foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, employs a unique data driven approach, often focused on cities, to its five main focus areas public health, education, the environment, the arts, and government innovation A passionate supporter of action on climate change, Bloomberg is involved in multiple climate efforts, including partnering with the Sierra Club s Beyond Coal Campaign, which aims to close half of America s coal powered energy production, and supporting state efforts to transition to renewable energy sources He has served as Chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, the Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures.

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    1. This is a book about climate change that is uncharacteristically optimistic in light of recent American political trends and the potential seriousness of the consequences. The premise of this book is that the reality of good business practices and local grassroots action will create movement toward saving the world’s climate in spite of what politicians do or say. The combination of authors, one a businessman/former mayor of NYC and the other former executive director of the Sierra Club, helps [...]

    2. Remarkable. Anyone involved in climate change work has a right to be cynical, jaded, angry, and despairing, especially after Trump was elected president of the US. But this book swims strongly against that flow, and makes a case for a better future for humanity if we act decisively – and profitably – on climate change. The federal government of the US now controlled by climate change deniers and henchmen of the fossil fuel industry – the most profitable, and STILL most heavily-subsidized i [...]

    3. Thorough and interesting readFascinating book on the environment and climate written by both an environmentalist and also a former Mayor. Regardless of ones view on climate change, there are some great ideas on how local government, business and markets can better function to help reduce environmental issues.

    4. Surprisingly, this really is, or at least, tries to be, what the title suggests – a hopeful book about the possibilities of countering climate change. The authors, businessman and former mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg and former head of the Sierra Club, Carl Pope, write alternating chapters describing the challenges of climate change – which they take very seriously – and the many ways that individuals, businesses, and governments can address those problems in way that would provide not j [...]

    5. A great insight on how we can save ourselves from the changing planet by not overly reliant of government actions. There's already a great movement in our society and this book help uncovers plenty of solutions to help ensure our survival. The use of a wide-ranging perspective of NGO leader and also city & business leader is a good contrast.

    6. Bloomberg and Pope offer a lot of environmentally productive ideas for thought. Although Bloomberg gives much credit to other people and cities, he's a bit self promoting. Maybe he's planning a run in 2020. Pope writes very succinctly about the issues.

    7. A very positive overview of climate resilience actions that have been put in place. Even though it puts a lot of hope on positive actions, and I was expecting something extemely wishful, I was surprised on how real and down to earth it actually is.I highly recommend it

    8. When you listen to the news, you hear about all the things we're not doing at the national level to prevent and prepare for climate change. This book highlights the progress that cities and businesses are already making; this kind of encouragement can keep us all from throwing up our hands in despair and giving up. We still need to elect national leaders who are ready to get to work on climate change, but it's good to see that things are starting to happen!

    9. Hope after Trump nixed US participation in ParisI was despondent after President Trump nixed US participation in the Paris Agreement. This book renews my faith that we will continue to tackle climate change with or without him. Well written and referenced.

    10. Important information on bringing liberals and conservatives together to solve this problem. Learned a lot, but it's not a comprehensive pro/con format of every idea. It just discusses current problems associated with climate change, innovative ways that cities are working to solve them, and language that can be used to bridge gaps in our communications.

    11. Good read. The authors remind us that we can improve ourselves as a nation in all climate and energy issues by starting locally.

    12. Excellently woven analysis of the current and historical state of climate activism and the market forces and policies at play in our path forward. Bloomberg & Pope both draw on deep experience and different view points to arrive at solid policy recommendations and outline steps local and national governments, as well as business, can take to work toward a better planet.

    13. Convincing on the now case that the U.S. can meet or beat our goals for the Paris Accord without the help of the White House or Republican Congress. Bloomberg particularly good at talking the business language of cost savings and ample opportunity in the coming green future.

    14. No mention of the real problem - legacy carbon While the book is well written and clear, it misses the biggest issue in climate. The fact that there is 400x more CO2 in the atmosphere than all annual emissions.

    15. The authors clearly spell out pragmatic and cost-effective ways municipalities, businesses, and individuals can assume leadership in combating the negative effects of climate change. These recommendations are especially important in light of the current U.S. federal government's astounding lack of urgency - and active denial - of this issue.

    16. This book explores the dangers and challenges of climate change and yet manages to be profoundly optimistic. The authors offer many changes that can save our planet and also provide benefits here and now. I wish we could get our President to read this. (Heck, I wish we could get him to READ!). Butin the meantime, if you are concerned about our planet, this is worth the time.

    17. This narrative continues to keep me informed on the science and world actions regarding climate change. Thank you Bloomberg and Pope!

    18. I agree totally with the themes of the book: we must address climate change for the benefits now and to mitigate future risk. that the action is mostly at the local level because our federal Gov is dysfunctional and most state governments are too. I like that the book as of today is surprisingly up to the minute. I like that it's very optimistic at a time when the news seems all bad.I think the fact that I agreed with this is what I liked least about it. I feel like part of the story may be miss [...]

    19. I really like it, for the ones who are sick worry about the our planeta, like me, it really gives some hope even in the Trumps era, but at the same time encourage all to act!! I like the authors combination of views, the Pope the environmentalist and Bloomberg the business man!

    20. Learned some new things which is why I read another book on climate change. They did address several of my concerns. One was let rivers flow free by getting rid of most dams and allowing rivers to flood into nature's flood planes. The other was quit fighting the oceans tide and storms. Bring back the wetlands, swamps and dunes and build on the high land not the low lands. Bloomberg said in the opening pages he supported nuclear energy but never touched the subject again. Nucs can generate power [...]

    21. Accessible and non-depressing book about climate change and how cities and businesses can lead the charge in reducing emissions and adapting to current situations. Bloomberg is kind of a wind bag, but I appreciate his approaches to finding and advancing solutions nonetheless. Pope's chapters focus less on business and more on nature. It was nice to read about climate change and not have it all be doom and gloom. These guys did a nice job of proffering optimism. Also, it was current, even referen [...]

    22. The alarmist nature of media concerning climate change and global environmental issues makes it difficult for ordinary world citizens to feel hopeful about the state of the planet. In Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens can Save the Planet, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope offer insight into what policies and initiatives both the public and the private sector are undertaking. Addressing the complex scape of the “climate change” problem, they examine the public perspective of [...]

    23. This was a really down-to-earth, no-nonsense, well told primer on what those who are passionate about our planet can do to look at the issue of climate change from a more broad, inclusive, fiscally conservative, economically sound, point of view. The chapters alternate between facts about how climate change actually works, and is being coped with by cities all around the world, and the financial sense behind different proposals. We can't really afford the luxury of allowing our policy makers to [...]

    24. As environmentalists and climate activists ponder how to make an impact on climate change in the era of Trump, et al we are turning to a long-standing principle: Think globally, Act locally. This book explores why that is the most viable option for U.S. activists. Both Mike Bloomberg and Carl Pope have a complicated history which is what made me unsure that I wanted to read this. Mr. Pope led the Sierra Club for years, but made some controversial decisions that ultimately led to his demise (push [...]

    25. Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of NY City and head of Bloomberg News, and Carl Pope, former head of the Sierra Club, provide steps which can, or have been taken, to combat the harmful impacts of Climate Change. ​Rather than trying to influence the reader to get on board regarding climate change by listing worst-case scenarios, they ​try to point out the BENEFITS of working on Climate Change, and why it makes sense, politically , ​economically, socially.​ This is a nice contrast to many [...]

    26. This books hopes good business practices and community action will take positive actions to reverse climate change. Bloomberg is a businessman and former mayor of NYC. Carl Pope is a former director of Sierra Club. The two authors have a track record of success in the environmental movement. This book details specific steps for communities and business leaders. Steps include reducing GHGs and switching to natural gas over coal. The writing is clear but the content is a bit dry and lacks scientif [...]

    27. Climate of Hope by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope is a book ,published in 2017 , to save the planet from the ill effects of climate change.Michael Bloomberg is an entrepreneur ,philanthropist , and former Mayor of New York City. Carl Pope is an environment leader. The main thesis of the book is that cities backed by citizens and businesses can tackle climate change effectively. It is a bottoms up approach and needs the support of national governments as well as international community. This is [...]

    28. A recent trip to The Philippines with my family dramatically elevated my environmental consciousness. The beauty of the coral reefs off of Palawan is under threat from multiple sources, including a lack of proper sewage treatment locally and the warming of ocean waters due to climate change globally. I asked myself what I could do - as a consumer, businesswoman and voter - to effect meaningful change as quickly as possible. Authors Carl Hope and Michael Bloomberg provide explanations for the wha [...]

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