You Are Not Me

You Are Not Me Follow Peter into the summer following his senior year to face new beginnings new friends and old baggage After a tumultuous final year of high school Peter Mandel needs a break It s the summer of

  • Title: You Are Not Me
  • Author: Leta Blake
  • ISBN: 9781626227613
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • Follow Peter into the summer following his senior year to face new beginnings, new friends, and old baggage.After a tumultuous final year of high school, Peter Mandel needs a break It s the summer of 1991, and his secret relationship with his best friend Adam Algedi is put on hold as Adam goes away to Italy for the summer On the cusp of adulthood, Peter has a couple ofFollow Peter into the summer following his senior year to face new beginnings, new friends, and old baggage.After a tumultuous final year of high school, Peter Mandel needs a break It s the summer of 1991, and his secret relationship with his best friend Adam Algedi is put on hold as Adam goes away to Italy for the summer On the cusp of adulthood, Peter has a couple of months to explore who he is without Adam at his side.Enter Daniel McPeak, a slightly older, out, responsible college guy with a posse of gay friends and an attraction for Peter Drawn into the brave new world of the local gay club, Peter embarks on a whirlwind of experiences good and bad which culminate in a hotel room where he has to make the ultimate choice.But Adam will come back eventually, and there are promises that have to be kept As autumn draws near and college awaits, can Peter break free of the binds of twisted first love And what exactly is Daniel s role in his life a brief temptation, or something Join Peter in the second book of this four part coming of age series as he struggles to love and be loved, and grow into a gay man worthy of his own respect This new series by Leta Blake is gay fiction with romantic elements.Book 2 of 4 Length 100,000 words, 328 pagesThese books contain aspects of New Adult fiction, 90s gay life, small city homosexual experiences, Southern biases, sexual exploration, romance, homophobia, bisexuality, and twisted up young love Oh, and a guaranteed happy ending for the main character by the end of Book 4.

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      Author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively However, her passion has always been for writing She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people At home in the Southern U.S Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.If you d like to be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up for Leta s newsletter here eepurl bdn32H

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    1. 4.5Note: You Are Not Me is not a stand-alone novel. It is the second of a four part series, featuring Peter Mandel as he learns how to live his truth. I'll do my best to not spoil too much about book one, here, but do know that I probably won't be 100% successful. And, if you've read the blurb for book 2, you already know more than you should if you're interested in reading this series, but have not yet read Pictures of You. If that last sentence describes you, I recommend you stop reading this [...]

    2. I tried to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but I couldn't avoid giving away plot points about the first book. Proceed with caution.The year is 1991. R.E.M are releasing "Losing My Religion", the world is dealing with the social and political aftermath of the 80s AIDS, and people are still using a VCR. For the majority of this book, Adam and Peter aren't together on page. Adam is in Italy, and they talk on the phone frequently (with Adam promising things he can't give, and Peter try [...]

    3. Amazing. This book has my heart, but in a totally different way than Pictures of You. The first book was full of life events - Peter and Adam meet, they start their senior year in high school, a relationship begins, another relationship begins, Peter meets Robert / Renee, etc.You Are Not Me is more of a transitional story. Adam is away for the summer, Peter makes new friends, and starts building the foundation for his life as a gay man. The changes are subtle, but they are deep. In watching his [...]

    4. I was so upset over book 1. Peter and Adam’s relationship was totally putting me through the wringer, and I admit being one of those ‘Adam haters’, until I realized that Peter did have some responsibility for the way things went between them. As they say - it always takes two to tango!Book 2 left me a LOT happier, but how, Ms. Blake, how can you leave me at this point in the story with months to wait for the next instalment? I know it’s not a wild cliffhanger or anything, BUT, Good God!! [...]

    5. 5 Amazing Stars! I am still - 7 days after finishing this book having trouble putting my full thoughts into a review that would do this book any justice. Leta Blake has written a one of a kind series. Peter, he will make your heart hurt. Adam, you will want to throttle him and you will want him to grow up. Daniel, he is just- perfect. Peter does a lot of growing in this book. Remember, this is the early 90's-Leta does an excellent job taking us back to the time when AIDS was everywhere, Homophob [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI loved the first book in the series and I went on and on, to anyone who would listen, about how great it was. I'm super happy to say that this book is just as good. This story picks up right after the other one ended. Adam is out of the country for the summer and Peter is on his own. He spends his time working and doing his photography. Peter's lonely without Adam but the infrequent telephone calls and letters make Peter start to realize that he was lonely even with Adam and their grou [...]

    7. This was my Zhush!!!! Leta Blake is am Auto-buy author for me. This book just highlights everything I love about her words and characters. Definitely a favorite of 2016. I think I tried to read it in one sitting, but work got in the way! Leta Blake's pen game is sickening. She damn near had me using an entire box of Kleenex! Okay, I used about 3/4 of the box. By the end, I just wanted it to be over for everyone. This damn cliffy is going to kill me.I loved everything about this! Here's some chec [...]

    8. I'm wreckedLeta, you've put me through the emotional wringer.n, so it's little wonder I nominated the first story in this series Pictures of You for the Best Book of the Year category in the awards. 5 'It's nowhere near enough' stars from me.What can I say?? If you like YA and haven't started this series, why the hell not?? It's unbelievably wonderful and Peter, our MC?? Well, I couldn't decide whether to smack him, strangle him or just give him huge hugs [sometimes all three at once]. He reall [...]

    9. -This book was provided by author via IndiGo Marketing and Design in exchange for an honest review--4.5 stars-I don't even know where to start. Once again, this story tore my heart out, it made me rage, made me want to strangle Peter, and made me smile in the end with the hope that was the start of Peters HEA. Of course their are still two more books, so I'm expecting a hell of a lot more tears and angst first. These books really do blow me away. They are everything I don't normally read, but am [...]

    10. 5 ++ Stars!! *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*This is a true serial. If you don't read book one, Pictures of You, you'll be lost. If you haven't read book one this review will contain spoilers. It's been just a few weeks since Peter graduated from high school and his boyfriend Adam left for Italy to spend the summer with his family. Peter struggles with still being in love with Ada [...]

    11. Pictures of You and You Are Not Me are without a doubt my favorite reads this year! And I’ve read quite a few books ;)The second book in the '90s Coming of Age series picks up right where we left off in Pictures of You. Adam is in Rome for the summer with his family. He's still hiding his relationship with Peter and dating Leslie. Peter is left behind in Knoxville trying to figure out what to do now that high school is over. He's still working for Robert and still taking lots of pictures with [...]

    12. I have to admit to some reluctance to starting this book, mainly because I remembered how complicated the relationships were from the first book in the series. It's not a simple read. The characters are complex, not all good, not all bad. I know that this is something I love in my reading but sometimes I just want an easy read. That said, when I actually started reading I was once again hooked.Peter is facing a summer without Adam, and we see how he starts to deal with life without Adam. We see [...]

    13. When I read a book of any genre, I need for the author to make me feel like the characters could be real. I need to not be able to put it down because I'm so interested in what's going on. I need to be invested in the character's lives. Leta Blake does that for me in every one of her books; she writes in a way that leaves me feeling like I happened to be eavesdropping/spying on real people.This series, guys this series is Leta Blake's masterpiece. No, it's not your typical romance. Yes, there's [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book from the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.So I had a dilemma while thinking about writing my review of this installment in Leta Blakes’s 90’s Coming of Age series. I absolutely loved the book; the story was beautifully written, made me feel all the feelings, but OMG the main characters! I wanted to smack Peter upside his head for most of the book, give Daniel a kick in the pants to get him to act on his feelings and punc [...]

    15. 4.5 Angsty filled stars!Leta! Leta! Leta! I just can't with you but you keep pulling me back in like a moth to a flame. Let's jump right in shall we? As we know from Book 1, Adam has left our poor Peter in a lurch. He's going away for college with Leslie and he's spending the summer in Italy leaving Peter unsure of where he stands in their relationship.I was so happy that Peter was a bit disappointed but also anxious for Adam to leave, Afterall; I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that thinks A [...]

    16. How did love die? In fits and starts and then all at once. Out like a light. Poof. Before the summer and then during that and when the summer came to an end.Oh man. That was so damn good. I can't wait for Daniel and Peter to go on. It was such a great trip. So much heartache. And it's so good to see that Peter is growing up.I am now anxiously waiting for August and hope to read more about Peter then and Daniel and Peter and Daniel T O G E T H E R hopefully.

    17. 4.5 stars. Leta Blake is killing me with this series! I liked this even better than the first. Cuz it hurt a little less. lol So good. See my full review here: thenovelapproachreviews

    18. This is the second book in a series and best enjoyed when read in order. It's June 1991, and the AIDS epidemic is at it's peak, as is tension with Middle Easterners, as we're in the midst of the Gulf War. Peter Mandel is nearly nineteen, and just graduated from high school in Knoxville, Tennesee. He's gay, and out to his parents and a few friends, notably his boyfriend, the BF's siblings, and his drag queen boss. Peter otherwise keeps a low profile because he's been attacked for his sexuality, a [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars ~ You Are Not Me picks up right where Pictures of You left us. Adam has gone to Italy for the summer, and Peter is back in Knoxville, trying to figure out how to spend his summer. It’s his last summer of freedom before starting at UT in the fall. But, really, it’s a summer free from Adam and the pressures of their relationship. A summer free from lying about who he is, and what he and Adam are–or aren’t–to each other. An opportunity to find himself.It’s also an opportunity [...]

    20. Peter, Peter, Peter!!!! Even though I wanted to shake himmerous times. *nods* I seriously adooooooooore him! Seeing him grow and be more comfortable with himself was wonderful. Finding friends who know the real him was heart warming. Even if they are a crazy fun bunch! *ehem* Minty, I'm looking at you! Lollll. I adore them too. But I gotta tell you, the one who stole my heart was DANIEL!!! Gah! I loooove him! So much. His heart and soul is just soooo sweet and loving. And he is just so good for [...]

    21. This series is brilliant. I think Leta Blake is doing some head shrink stuff on us. Every time I find myself angry at a character, I stop and think "what am I recognizing about myself in various points of my life?" Peter is painfully, and often annoyingly naive, but I think this comes from massive insecurity and not having figured out who he is. Daniel can be a bit of a preachy, save the world, white knight, but this is the role he's assigned himself to keep it together, and his heart really is [...]

    22. Ugh!!! Just like the first book, I was screaming non-stop at Peter!!! Then I'd put the book down, walk away and say no more tonighty to go back to it and start screaming all over again.I love/hate this series! Peter kills me every time, he is sweet, naive, and utterly adorabled I need to remember this. I adore Daniel, and thus why I'm always screaming at Peter :)Adam, no wordsriouslyNeedless to say, I'll be soothing my voice as I anxiously wait for the next one.

    23. 3.5 stars. I like the series but I kind of think that book 1 and 2 (with some judicious editing) could have been combined into one. The ups and downs are a bit exhausting. Then again, once upon a time in the olden days my life used to be a soap opera as well, and unfortunately it does take some time to get one's head screwed on straight again after all that drama. I grudgingly admit that the pacing makes sort of sense. It's still a little exhausting.Anyway, I'm glad Peter seems to be starting to [...]

    24. Re-read of both books in the series.I have devoured both books in the last couple days and I now have a major book hangover!! This has never happened to me during a re-read. I am even considering reading them again right away because maybe then I’ll get them out of my system and not feel so bereft? I really want the next part of Peter’s story asap!A few things stuck out to me while re-reading these books. The main thing is that I really dislike Adam! I don’t want to say I hate him but I re [...]

    25. Voluntary and honest review of an Advance Review Copy generously provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.Aqz23wSX4Grrrrctg7nhy8MUHuh? No that's not my wifi password. That was just me exerting a little bit of…well, not frustration, exactly, maybe enthusiastic stupification, onto my keyboard. DAMMIT PETER!Also, I might be a wee bit vexed that there is not a whole lot I can say about this book without dropping some MAJOR spoilerage. To that I say (with the utmost respect): DAM [...]

    26. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsYou Are Not Me is the second story in Leta Blake’s excellent ’90s Coming of Age series. The four books will ultimately be one long story of Peter’s journey, so this book really needs to be read after Pictures of You, and while there is a discreet ending, the overall the story is left unfinished at the halfway point of the series.As with the first book, this story is carried on the strength of Peter’s shoulders. I couldn’t help but love him as he is findi [...]

    27. Peter, Peter, PeterWhat are we going to do with you?!Oh the feels! So. Many. Feels. Peter is still trying to find his feet in this world and is still hung up on Adam (or Adam-the-arsehole as he's known in my head) but he's starting to be able to separate the wood from the trees. Robert and Barry are their adorable selves and Daniel is as gorgeous as ever. There are also a few new characters introduced. This installment is mainly Peter trying to  accept himself and making new friends. With a few [...]

    28. I'm so happy Peter finally left Adam. I also like how this book focused a lot on HIV and AIDS because they were (and still are) important issues in the early 90s. Peter was so damn naive in the first book about sex. He needed to be scared because he was making some stupid decisions. I'm glad Barry and Daniel stressed how important it was to get tested because Robert was being too nonchalant about the issue. Speaking of getting tested, I don't think Peter ever did, which makes no sense to me. I w [...]

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